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4500 Series Fold Slide Doors

The WCVW 4500 series Fold Slide Door design offer architects and builders a unique product to extend the interior to the exterior. Suitable for both commercial, institutional and residential applications as they create openings and partitions that can be an alternative to French and Patio Doors but can also be used in conjunction with them to accentuate open plan living.

Panels can be connected in a number of configurations so that the doors can be bi-fold or multi-fold allowing greater flexibility. Optional low profile threshold available for barrier free living.

The WCVW 4500 series Fold Slide door is available in White, Beige and Clay core color Upvc and can also be laminated with anodized, solid or wood-grain foils. Tilt-Turn or fixed elements can be integrated to complete the WCVW 4500 series Fold Slide Door system.

  1. Galvanized steel reinforced frame and sash
  2. Multiple locking points, adjustable hinges and dual weather seals
  3. Four chamber design for structural strength and enhanced energy efficiency
  4. Interior glazed for added security and easy glass replacement
  5. Fusion welded corners for added strength and air & water resistance
  6. Accessory grooves that accept a variety of nail-fins and jamb extensions
  7. Glass thickness from 1/4” to 1-3/8” for high performance and maximum STC
  8. Block, Nailfin or Retro-Flange frame available
  9. Standard vinyl sill 3-3/8” height
  10. Optional low-profile thermally broken threshold 2‐1/2” height (1”when recessed)